Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares

I've been watching a few episodes of Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares on BBC-A and love both his in your face F-off attitude and the nutty "reality TV" stuff that goes on. Very saccharine-y endings, but the hell Gordon makes everyone go through in each episode makes it worth it ;) I'm however finding the formula after a few episodes, and as soon as I begin feeling the formula I start to drop out. I may still have a few episodes to go before I completely switch off though!

Today's episode was on an Indian restaurant in Manhattan. Gordon weaseled his way into getting a hard-ass to quit so the restaurant owner didn't have to do the dirty work. It was interesting to me that he got on a fellow Englishman's ass. It's almost as interesting that the guy who owned the restaurant was named Mohammad (Muslim), and that one of the floor managers was English! Having a little "in the know" myself, some bias exists for Hindu-owned restaurants, though many Muslims do own Indian restaurants. Most Muslim owned restaurants, however, tend to also offer Pakistani food (including Beef which is a huge no-no for Hindus).

One of our favorite Indian restaurants was Muslim-owned, it was called Indus Valley and it was located in Naperville. They had some really awesome food, including some beef kabobs, and a really yummy naan. Alas, after we missed a few months of going there, one last visit shocked us with the surprise that they'd folded up and closed.