Playing Catchup

It's been beyond hectic lately. I wanted to keep busy, and that's exactly what I got! Beware what you wish for ;)

The summer term course I'm taking, Women's Lives in Literature, is over this Wednesday. I'm relieved but have to finish my creative piece tomorrow so that I'll have something I can be proud of for my assignment. This class features a lot of reading aloud, and thus, it's important to have something worth sharing. I also have an ambitious list of books to finish reading. The first one I'm finishing is Lillian Hellman's Pentimento, which I'm almost finished with. This is a jewel I found via the homework assignments for my course. I also have tons of other books I've been acquiring in relation to suggestions my professor has offered, and which I've researched and found to be must-reads.

Benny's doing ok lately. Though we got some bad news from the vet. I'm going to be taking him to a new vet starting Thursday. They will be giving him a blood test and probably, some strong medication to make him all better. The vet I'm taking him to on Thursday is the same vet we used to take Dixie and Kelly, our Cocker Spaniels, back in the mid 1990s. They're great and we know they do as much as possible to help pets get better. I'm confident we'll have Benny in perfect health in no time.

Work is as hectic as hectic can be. Conference is a month away, and I'm working on four publications: two books, and two periodicals. Plus the biannual journal, of course ;) as if I could forget that. Not to mention all the sessions and track stuff and speakers...and...and, well all that stuff.

Here's hoping health and work keep us in good spirits as autumn arrives. Always a tentative time for me, personally.