Where Are You From?

Such a simple-minded question. And yet, as most things in life, answering the question of where you are from can be complex, paradoxical, and mysterious.

In my case, I'm from at least 12 places across the globe. Those 12 are places where my family and I have rented or owned homes/apartments. There's a couple more places in Italy, but I can't find them and will need to get my mom to help me figure where they're at exactly.

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I've also been trying to track down my scholastic years, for particulars of where and when. I sometimes blank on early life due to who knows why. Here's what I've been able to put together:

98 NIU
97 NIU
96 NIU
95 NIU
94 MAA - NIU
93 MAA
92 MAA
91 MAA
90 Our Lady of Peace, Darien - MAA
89 7-8 Instituto Rougier, Veracruz - Our Lady of Peace, Darien
88 6-7 Instituto Rougier, Veracruz
87 5-6 Instituto Rougier, Veracruz
86 4-5 Instituto Rougier, Veracruz
85 3-4 Instituto Rougier, Veracruz
84 2-3 Instituto America, Veracruz - Ada Negri, Pegli - Instituto Rougier, Veracruz
83 1-2 Scarabocchio, Nervi - Instituto America, Veracruz - Ada Negri, Pegli
82 kind - 1
81 kind
80 ?
79 ?
78 ?
77 April