Perfect Stranger

I had the opportunity to watch a movie on TV from start to finish (!) last night. Yes, you might wonder why I'm so excited. Well I typically watch movies on my laptop, and rarely turn to the TV unless an already started movie's on (and one that I've already watched innumerable times, I might add), or else, just look to my trusty Top Gear on Monday nights.

I kind of liked Perfect Stranger. It had Bruce Willis, someone I'm interested in seeing working these days to see how far he's come since Moonlighting. His role in Perfect Stranger rang perfectly true to me. He was smarmy, overconfident, prone to bouts of public violence, egomaniacal, and an excellent schmoozer. I wonder if they'll ever portray someone of means who worked his way up, in a more pleasant light! Looks like Hollywood is pointing a tisk-tisk tinged finger onto itself when they frown down on materialistic or opportunistic well-to-do folk, like in Bruce's role here.

Of course, I would be lax to dismiss Halle Berry's role in this movie. She's such a cutie, as always. Though I get the feeling that high energy scenes make her embarassed, as she does scrunge up her face and blush in a somewhat ackward expression at these times.

But whom I truly enjoyed seeing is Giovanni Ribisi. I seldom pay attention to him in movies, and oftentimes take him for granted. Such as I did in Gone in 60 Seconds. He's actually a good supporting actor with a lot of promise (he's young still, at about 3 yrs older than I am). I'm sure he's going to have a bright, solid career in the movie industry.

The storyline was a lovely little mystery/sexy drama/adventure. Those that edge onto the guilty pleasure arena, especially with the lurid photos Giovanni's character took of himself engaged in some intersting interactions with another of the main characters. I disagreed with the "dungeon" look they gave Giovanni's hacker "headquarters" but then again, many of the sets looked a little posed to me, versus real life. For example, Halle's struggling journalist pad was actually quite luxe. While Giovanni's professional hacker pad was in dissarray...individuals who work as professional hackers earn a very good living, so I would expect his pad to be outfitted to the tee with cool techie and otherwise modern elements. And well-to-do IT professionals can afford housecleaners by the way...

All around I liked the movie because it's a little bit guilty pleasure, a little bit mystery, and very lovely to look at. It did keep me guessing where it was going. I felt the twist at the end was somewhat reminiscent of Halle's Gothika in a far-removed sort of way.

The social commentary, or writer's commentary on social interaction online is one of the more relevant elements of this movie. If you listen closely to Halle near the very end, she reads out loud what seems to be her investigative article on the occurrences that took place throughout the movie. I remember something like, although people come together socially online they're alone away from the computer, which is an excellent observation because in 99.9% of the cases it's true. And I can attest to that first hand. It's a little squirmy for me to watch or hear comments like this, but it's useless. After a while, if you keep fighting the current (and the truth) while you swim, something eventually gives out.

I might watch it again to see what I missed on the first go around. But I'll wait a while for that. I'm now beginning to hoard my Autumn and Halloween themed movies for cooler weather enjoyment--gotta do something to keep the vile threat of winter's icy finger at bay, don't I? ;o)