I had a weekend of relief from my depression, work stress, and other assorted issues.

Saturday night I enjoyed dinner at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, Yerbabuena, in Lisle IL. It's always tricky to choose between their cheese verde enchiladas or their mole cheese enchiladas, they're both soooo good! Although we could have taken the table that was available on the patio, it was still a little chilly--we were expecting the weekend to warm up by the time Labor Day Monday was coming though, and we were right!

Saturday we kick started the day by going to our favorite pancake house, Blueberry Hill, which is just around the corner from our community. When we came home I ordered a carpet cleaning service to come to our house the same day, because Benny's little odoriferous love notes were getting to be a little too much for our sensitive noses. We had already decided we weren't going to get laminate floors to replace our carpeting, due to some hideous bait and switch Home Depot pulled on us, where the cost for the products was quoted, but not the entire installation fees. The total price eventually turned out to be three times what was originally quoted to us!! So carpet cleaning is DEFINITELY the way to go for now. Besides, it's a biatch to match a laminate floor pattern to the wood we already have in the house (coffee tables and kitchen/restroom cabinets) :)

Sunday we went to our local pancake house for bfast, again, and had a blast saying hi to the waiters that recognize us. Then a trip to renowned Phillips Park and Zoo in Aurora, where I finally got a look at the Mastodon Center. Really cool! Loved the wolves at the Zoo, though they are in such a visitor-unfriendly confine that I barely got some pix.

Sunday we then went to Kuiper Farm up in Maple Park, IL. Kuiper farm is renowned for its apple picking and fun family events like live music, tractor shows and tractor rides. When we went they were in the middle of a BBQ under a tent, an antique tractor showing (loved seeing the old John Deere tractors, after having known the Deere history in Moline firsthand!), and lots of apple picking. We bought a caramel apple pie with walnuts, some apple glazed donuts, and a quart of apple cider. MMM. I can't wait what other activities they feature once fall has truly made its presence felt.

Sunday night we went to Naperville's Last Fling. Train, a band that I haven't found all that palatable on the radio, was playing. We usually like to hang out under the liquor tent and listen to those bands, where there is seating. also, because they don't let you take your liquor out of that fenced-in area, so it's kind of a must. One of us stayed under the tent waiting while the other went and grabbed some chow at the nearby Greek delicacies tent. YUM. So I found out the name of the band that was playing in this free-concert booze tent, Steepwater band. These guiys are a little ZZ Top and all good. I'm going to actually purchase their CD. This is earthshaking from me people ^_^ As a matter of fact, the band is playing at a ZZTop event at the Chicago House of Blues soon. Talk about good stuff. They totally pawned Train, every way from Sunday. Oh yea. House of Blues is another place on my to-visit list--I didn't really get to enjoy it much when I went for our company's annual conference committee dinner *bleh* :)

All weekend I got lots of reading in, finishing the biography of Sylvia Plath, the Flow book, and finishing the On Writing book by Stephen King. Not only that, but I also joined Shelfari.com where I can employ my organizational skills as they are applied to my growing collection of books. Though many of them have been donated to charity, in the past few years, there's a solid collection still at hand.

Monday was a wee bit of a letdown, but I did lots of walking, both downtown Naperville when we decided to lunch at Chipotle since Schmaltz Deli was closed for the holiday (alas, Le Chocolat was also closed so no dessert), and also when we went to the nearby premium outlet mall (where I scored some awesome Timberland sporty hiking sneakers), and finally, when we came home and walked/exercised our darling Benny. ;)

Now, back to Top Gear ;) on BBC-A. Hope this short week turns out to be a joy and not a hemorrhoid ^_^