Benny's Home!

Benny has been spending the last two days at the vet. He came home last night, but tonight when I went to pick him up was the last visit he has to make to the vet for quite a while. I bet he's relieved! I sure am, it was emotional to say the least.

Benny was Heartworm positive when he was accepted into ARF in Glen Ellyn, in April. When we adopted him in July, they told us he had undergone treatment in April and he wouldn't be due for another Heartworm blood test until August/September, to make sure the treatments were successful in eradicating this terrible parasite. Alas, two vets and three blood tests later, he was still positive.

So we had to undergo another set of these treatments. There are two shots, one administered one day, and the second the next day--this is because the dosage includes some very powerful poison (arsenic) and the shots in the muscle are quite painful.

He is now on some anti-inflammatory chewables once a day. He can't go up or down stairs, nor get too excited, nor exercise, for the next 7-8 weeks. The next Heartworm blood panel is due in about 6 months.

Here's hoping this treatment, as the vet said, works a little better for him. I really like his vet, he's a calm and knowledgeable person whom I trust (and trust me, it took me 2 other vets before I decided to stick w this one!).

Here's to a healthy future for Benny! Meanwhile, he's enjoying lots of chopped chicken as a treat ;o) to get his energy up.

To learn more about Heartworm, please see the ASPCA canine heartworm page.