Catching Up on Films & TV

This weekend was lovely because not only was it a four-day holiday weekend, but because I got to catch up on various television shows and film.

I watched James May's (1) Toy Stories (2009), (2) Top Toys (2005) and (3) Sisters' Top Toys (2007) as well as (4) 20th Century (2007), (5) James May on the Moon/On The Edge of Space (2008). I further began watching his Big Ideas show, and have stored for future review his Oz and James' Drink to Britain.

I also got to catch up on my Dexter. I had left off where season 2 left off, and was intrigued to see whether season 3 did a better job. It did! What a fun ride. I can't wait to start season 4, which I've downloaded and stored for, probably, this week's viewing.

Lots to see this week then with Dexter 4.0 and James May's assorted adventures.

Last night and early this morning I began and completed watching Ice Station Zebra, an amazing movie with a long list of awesome actors: Pat McGoohan, Ernest Borgnine, Rock Hudson, etc. I had first heard of this movie when I watched either the History Channel Modern Marvels documentary episode on Howard Hughes, or The Aviator. Either way, I wanted to get a little more into Hughes' mind (he reportedly ran this film on a continuous loop during one of his manic/recluse episodes), and this movie was great entertainment. The special f/x were great, and they were a little reminiscent of Forbidden Planet for some reason.

I'm now watching an old favorite as I type, Gladiator. This movie totally blows 300 out of the water. I remember they were promoting this movie's use of CGI for the fight scenes with the wild tigers--the first time I recall people remarking on this type of use of CGI, though we had already seen examples of what it can do with movies such as Independence Day and Deep Impact.

Here's to great movie watching and entertainment, cheers!