Crime Comic/Graphic Novel

Just found out via Wired (bless yeeee!) about Luna Park, a very gritty and gorgeous graphic novel by Kevin Baker and Danijel Zezelj.

They featured some graphics in the Wired article. The cover of one of the comics was fascinating: a woman with long hair running straight up the cover, while a skyline of an amusement park (some parts almost reminiscent of Russian architecture) ran up and down on the left margin. Then the luna park (amusement park) reference in the ferris wheel on the bottom, right corner. It actually reminds me of the grittiness of Eastern Promises.

As if the graphics weren't enough to get the audience drooling, the intriguing storyline revolves around time travel and history.

Baker calls the protagonist, Strelnikov, "the living embodiment of the idea that people learn nothing from experience. And from this flows true tragedy.”

Can't wait to see more!