Places I've Visited

I'm always sad about the fact that I haven't been traveling as much after I got a proper, full-time job. However, it's fun to reminisce about the places I did visit when I could. And of course, who says I can't travel to new and undiscovered (for me) places in the years to come!

I discovered a map that helps tag the countries traveled to. So I created an embeddable one to add here:

You can use this sort of map to tag countries for all sorts of reasons, and it's quite intuitive and easy to use. Just log on to http://bighugelabs.com/map.php and start checking the boxes for the countries you need highlighted on the map. Then, when done checking off countries, just scroll up to the map and copy the code and paste it wherever you'll be showcasing the map. And...fini!

Give it a try when you need to create a map for things such as travel, countries your music collection comes from, places you'd like to visit, countries your company has taken you to, etc. This could even make an excellent tool to create graphics for books and whitepapers since you can tag whatever countries you need displayed, for, say, the European Union 10 years ago versus the European Union today. Or countries who still have the death penalty. The uses are endless.

Njoy n Happy Travels! :)