The Tea Times: New Tea Acquisitions

I spotted something that totally screamed: buy me!!
Buuuy Mee!!!
It's Numi Organic Tea's Single Origins Tea Set.

It's made up of a little teapot and leaves strainer, two asian-style cups, and four different samples of loose tea: Darjeeling, Gen mai cha, White rose, rooibos. It was in a discount store so it came out much less than the suggested retail price at other locations.*

Numi is famous for their blooming/blossoming tea sachets. I've tasted their products before at a restaurant/cafe, but I can't recall where or when.

I'm trying the rooibos (decaf) as soon as I'm done eating lunch: seaweed salad and curry udon soup--yum!

*photo borrowed from Costco, where this retails for $29.99