The Tea Times: Update

I've enjoyed two teas, in two different ways since my last post.

The tea geschwendner Ayurveda Vata Mut Bold tea bag was delish for breakfast. It was a little astringent and tasted like ayurvedic tea. Great for bfast on an empty stomach. No sour notes which was a pleasant change from prior "ayurvedic" teas when they steep a little too much.

Last night I received my Bodum french press coffee pot, so I immediately dove in with the ITI (teavendor.com) Ginger Orange Green Olong loose. This was delicious and tasted like light oolong with heavy perfume notes.
Really liked it--though realized the only downfall of this steeping method: oversteeping risk, since the leaves remain at the bottom of the pot. I like strong tea so this is not a problem, but it might be for "unflavored," unadulterated, black tea--should I try that in the future.

Lesson learned: steep more only when flavors don't risk turning acidic, sour, or too intense.