The Tea Times

I'm going to start drinking all the teas I have in my growing collection. It's silly to let them go by the wayside, especially as we're entering the coldest season. Can't think of anything nicer than a hot cup of tea to warm up the cockles of the heart (and the chilly guts) at home or work.

I've decided I'm going to start a series of posts titled The Tea Times. These posts will also incorporate posts about teas I have at restaurants or that otherwise lie outside of my direct collection.

Here's a rundown of what's in my pantry right now:
  • Trader Joe's (1)green tea bags, (2)organic mint melange tea bags
  • 7 Day Round: (3)Darjeeling, (4)vanilla almond, (5)English Tea, (6)Green Tea, (7)Earl Gray, (8)Peach
  • Guayaki Yerba (9)Mate Chocolatte bags
  • (10)ITI (teavendor.com) Ginger Orange Green Olong loose
  • Tea Gschwendner (11)white tea lychee loose, (12)Ayurveda Vata Mut Bold tea bag
  • Republic of Tea Daily Green Tea (13)Wild Berry Plum tea bags, (14)Green Tea and Honey tea bags
  • (15)China Mist Gourmet Iced Tea Raspberry tea bags
  • Alvita (16)Chamomile tea bags, (17)Dandelion Root (roasted) tea bags
  • (18)English Breakfast loose tea (from India)
  • (19)Yogi Tea Peach Detox tea bags
  • (20)Takaokaya Genmai Cha (green tea and toasted brown rice)
  • (21)Sempio barley tea bags
  • (22)Bigelow green tea bags
  • (23)Lipton black tea bags
Disclosure: when I say this is "my" tea collection, I'm being honest. The significant-other unit rarely drinks tea, and when he does, he uses Brooke Bond Red Label in the traditional Indian chai-walla style (boil loose tea in milk, cardamom, and then strain and oversugar).