Update on My Studies

Last night was the last class of the term. I grew to enjoy the camaraderie and unique voices of my fellow classmate writers. There were some amazing stories, and some amazing voices. We shared each others' email addresses and hope to run into each other as we continue along on our separate but connected paths in the writing program--some of my classmates were concurrently pursuing the education program.

I've been in this program three terms now, and the next one might be my last if I manage to scope, initiate, and complete my thesis. Though a quick finish to my course might be difficult for a number of reasons, it's also complicated by the fact I've decided to begin web programming coursework next term as well. I also have the organizational psychology program to complete, for which I have a grand total of only two classes left. Alas, neither was being offered next term, so I will be completing the I/O P program at a later date than the writing program.

I like to complete these three tasks on my bucket list so that I feel like I've accomplished something, whereas some other areas seem to be stuck in neutral. I feel these three programs are great, evergreen skillsets that can benefit me in any situation.