Your Moon Sign

Did you know? Many experts always recommend checking your astrology forecast for two (yes you read that right!) astrological signs, your 1) rising/sun sign, and 2) moon sign.

Want to learn what your moon sign is? Check this Horoscope Moon Signs page out.

Here's Llewellyn's recent blog post/article on moon sign traits. You might learn something new about yourself.

Here's mine FYI:

Moon in Capricorn thrives emotionally when they feel secure about their work or “position” in the world. They are best able to process their feelings when they have a safe place to spend time alone and in silence. Moon in Capricorn appreciates time spent with old friends with whom they feel secure and comfortable. They are emotionally nurtured by tradition, routine, and structure, and can feel destabilized when these qualities are missing from their lives.

In their home environment they want a certain amount of solitude and privacy. They like to be surrounded by antiques or family heirlooms and appreciate “quality” rather than quantity in their home furnishings.

Traditional foods that are simple and made with quality ingredients will nourish Moon in Capricorn. This Moon thrives on a full meal with an entrée, sides, and salad rather than just a quick snack on the run.

Lunar Mood
Moon in Capricorn lunar mood is sadness, or a serious approach to life. They can benefit from spending time around younger people or family, and engaging in activities that free up their imagination and emotions.