This morning the NPR affiliate that wakes me up via my trusty alarm clock, mentioned in the usual, eerily smooth tone of voice that we were at minus 20 Farenheit. This is so cold, that if you throw a cup of water to the air, it would probably freeze.

It's been windy as all heck since the day before yesterday, but last night's 3-hour commute plus a quick stop to the grocery store, plus the never ending snow, plus the galey wind really did a number on me. It was therefore no surprise that, today, on my lunch hour I ran to the nearby Dick's Sporting Goods to purchase some North Face warmup accessories. I found some gifts for the significant other as well, but I'm mostly excited about the awesome North Face gloves, beanie, and scarf (all black of course!) that I got for mememe. I do wish the scarf was longer, but meh, it keeps me warm anyway.

I was also intending on looking at waterproof hiking boots while at Dick's, but there wasn't enough time. I had already stopped at Cost Plus and my lunch hour was ticking away quite loudly. Although I overspent, I think these as investment pieces that will stay with me for a very long time. If I had found my 11 year old Speedo fleece gloves in the closet this morning, I wouldn't have indulged...or maybe I would have still ;) But the Speedo items are buried somewhere, and it's too cold to wait man!

I get some very painful frost nip on my fingers at least once daily--usually when walking Benny. Oh, he's very toasty in his fleece and wool coat. He sometimes nosedives into the snow, which confuses me as to whether he's scared of the snow or likes it. He also dips his nose into it as he's sniffing out rabbits. The fun part about taking him for walks in winter is that I get to see all the rabbit (and other animals) footprints in the snow so I can see where he's going to sniff next--versus in warmer weather where he just sort of runs after invisible trails. Such a good sniffy dog, he is!

I'm almost settled on avoiding checking the weather reports for the next few days. I've opted to give fashion the bird and instead of using my lean black car coat, I took out of storage my seriously heavy, long hooded, Anne Klein coat. It makes me look like a Yeti. Or at least I feel like one when bundled inside it. But thank goodness that I have it because it REALLY is *that* cold.

There's no wishing for this type of cold, even to enemies! LOL