The Killers - Sawdust

I accidentally bought a The Killers CD on Amazon using their iPhone app. It's an accidental purchase because I intended to look something up on my wish list, not actually buy it--thank you quick buy feature *palmface*. However, this little accident turned out very fortuitously for me. I haven't really been exposed to a lot of The Killers music, with the exception of my handful of standby favorites which I mentioned in a post on this blog (http://jeda21.blogspot.com - The Killers Post) in November of 2008--even though I've downloaded all their songs and have not yet listened to them.

The CD cover for Sawdust is quite striking: it's an image of some autumnal woods with a foreground image of a wooden arm sawed or cut off just before the elbow. Which is both gorgeous and a little grotesque. The surprise song on this CD was a slow, extended version of Mr. Brightside which is spectacular in its own, subdued way. The usual version is a lot more up-tempo and it's one of the songs that captured my full attention back when I used to watch IMF in 2005 or thereabouts.

I actually got this CD at the beginning of the month and have been listening to it sporadically in the car during my commutes to here and there. It makes for very happy driving. ;o)