Movie Review: The Holiday

I saw The Holiday on Saturday. It's pegged as a romantic comedy (I think) and that's what it is: a chick flick. There's no money worries, there's easy breakups, there's hot girls and hot guys, there's hot sex, there's public and romantic embarrassment, there's a cute dog, and lovely landscaped homes in two countries.

I think the lessons to walk away from this movie are: 1) decorate your california home in beige, black, and white and you cannot go wrong (oh and were those lemons outside the front door! That's my dream house!) and 2) if you have enough money that visiting a "friend" in another country isn't a big deal, you're sure to have a fun Christmas. Apparently when you reach the nose-bleed heights of irrational richness things go much more smoothly for you in the romantic arena...

Other than that, I wasn't into the movie much (you don't say?). I am not in the Cameron Diaz camp because she smiles and looks very adorable but we're supposed to buy in immediately to whatever she's doing because of it. Yes, she's cute, yes, then what?

Nor do I like Jude Law. Sex with the ex-wife's nanny when you're engaged?! Really? I can't get over that one. I've seen him in Gattaca and...I really liked hating him in Closer.

I am not a big fan of Jack Black either--haven't seen any of his films nor do I plan to in the near future. Not my style of comedy.

The only person I was somewhat invested in was Kate Winslet--her voice reminds me of Julie Andrews' soothing, cultured English accent. Yet in real life, no one speaks like that anymore.

I'm hoping to see Julie and Julia, 2012, and Sherlock Holmes soon.