New Luggage

I need to buy a new, rolley large luggage piece for check-in. My old one looks like crap and has taken way too many beatings in the 3-4 years I've had it.

I was looking at the LLBean Facebook page yesterday. I like to look at their posts about magazines coverage of their products because (very intelligently) they also include a link to their online product page to check the product out and even buy it if you're so inclined. So I noticed this great post about luggage. Here's the LL Bean luggage post Facebook link (image below) though you might need to login and become a fan to see it.

I posted a note about this on Twitter, and their Chief Marketing Officer (@flyingpoint) found my post and replied. He let me know they were working on a video about their luggage tests. This morning he posted the link. It's a great marketing piece: approachable, balances the lab vs. street tests, some humor, and a great mini-tour of the city as a bonus!

So I bought one of the larger luggage last night. I'm hoping it lives up to the agressive behavior luggage handlers exert on my luggage ^_^; For me, this is a long-term investment, and I hope it lives up to it.