New Tea Acquisition

I got a new tea for my collection, it's Republic of Tea's Get Lost (pic on right is borrowed from the same website where this link goes to). It's actually meant to inhibit appetite, but since I'm not that concerned about my appetite, what caught my attention are the fab ingredients (it is a rooibos tea with cinnamon and other great ingredients).

I really was not prepared for the aroma when I opened the can. The smell is absolutely the most fantastic cinnamon smell I've ever smelled. It's not the cloyingly sweet smell that emanates from the shopping center's cinnamon pastry shop. Nor is it the strong smell you might get from a cinnamon-infused holiday beverage. It's really delish and makes the tea not only great tasting but an aromatic journey as well.

This is my new favorite rooibos, versus the plain, loose rooibos by Numi that I got for the office. I've never been disappointed with Republic of Tea products, and this is yet another obsession-worthy bagged tea. :o)