Wrestling the Menu Down

I've been wrestling with what to cook for Christmas this year. We typically enjoy a seafood and fish feast on the 24th according to Italian tradition, and then enjoy a lasagna and lamb feast the 25th.

Since my parents aren't around (again!) I can make lighter fare for the three of us who are there. I'm playing around with the following beta version of the menu:

  • shrimp ceviche
  • some smoked salmon sushi from the nearby Japanese restaurant (tentative)
  • garlic, olive oil, and lemon scallops (big ones)
  • grilled salmon with peach salsa (salsa was a gift from my best bud)
  • lemon and parsley boiled potatoes
  • English plum pudding flambe with table cream
  • curry yogurt chicken (significant-other's project)
  • lamb dish from nearby Greek restaurant (tentative)
  • Macaroni and cheese topped with bread crumbs in mini ramekins
  • Italian panettone
  • Martini e Rossi spumante
I'm still thinking about the italicized items. Not sure. Hmm... I have two days to figure it out! Then I have to go shopping for most of these items. *gulp*