This is probably a post I should have done way back two or three weeks ago...

What are your goals for the new year?
There's so much hope not only because we're cracking open a clean notebook worth of 365 days for this year, but also, because it's the start of a new decade. Yes, believe it or not, we're starting a new decade, one that doesn't start with the ominousity of the last one, no Y2K here folks. No siree, not this time around.

So what are your plans, your hopes, your dreams, your longings for this new year?
I know that the past decade has helped me see a humongous transformation in myself. I started out unemployed and sad, which was fixed temporarily in 2000, but improved exponentially in 2001. I'm also no longer sad, but this is more like a recent occurrence, starting with changes undertaken in 2008. Now I keep busy, I try to expend energy and money in things and events that help me learn. Learning and focusing my curious part of my personality seem to help me move one step forward at a time. And that's a very good thing. The bad thing is that when I start a conversation with a stranger at a reception, or a colleague at a meeting, I become very passionate about asking questions and time flies way, way too fast.

I've really gotten into social media, except, this time instead of it being an addiction like it was in 1999 where I spent 20 hours online at odd times of day, on chats and instant messengers (all of them!), I now spend less time online but my efforts are supplying me new acquaintances and friends, work and learning opportunities, and freebies (yay!). Which I think are my three favorite things in the whole world.

This year also brings with it lots of hope and prosperity for me as a student. I started a Masters Degree program last year in hopes that I would get this little bucket list item taken off the list as soon as possible...mind you, getting a masters is hardly something of an open and shut case. So here we are and it's going well. Cross your fingers and toes...I certainly am! I guess I've been out of college for 11 years and I can't really begin to grasp how much time ago that was, because some painful items from back then still seem to fester if I think back too much. But the good part is that going to school now is a completely different experience and it's totally kicking rear. :o)

I'm also expanding my work opportunities and experiencing a number of interesting connections on the professional front. Last year I started Four Tongues Communications, my little freelance company project/experiment. I've been able to translate to Italian a travel application on Facebook, and more recently, I was asked to guest blog post for a really great search engine optimization company. I hope people give me more chances to not only chat with them, and be their colleague or friend, but also, to let me show them what I'm all about professionally.

A lesson from the terrible ecnomic struggles we've been wading through: there's nothing worse than taking someone for granted, and I'm afraid that with this economy, there's plenty of that to go around. Make sure you don't take yourself for granted. Make this year a year where you take up a "yes" attitude and pursue all those little things (or big things) that stoke your passion from the low setting all the way to the medium and high settings.

Make 2010 your year.