Chez JeDa Presents: Poached Salmon and Veggies

I manage to cook half-decent items when I'm by myself and have nothing in my head (insert snicker here if you so desire) to occupy my thoughts in other pursuits.

Today's lunch was actually meant to supply me with a number of reheatable leftovers for tomorrow and/or next week's work lunch times.

Here's what it is:
  1. Alaskan wild salmon filet, with skin on
  2. mandolined (watch your fingers y'all) onions
  3. chopped stalk of celery
  4. matchsticked carrot
  5. pressed tiny garlic clove
Take a tablespoon or extra virgin olive oil (or thereabouts) to the large skillet or otherwise flat pan of some sort. Cover bottom of pan with onions, celery, and carrots and put over medium flame, stirring occasionally to assure even cooking.

When beginning to soften, spread to perimeter of pan and leave a space in center to place the salmon filet. Place salmon, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and cover. After about a minute, sprinkle some white wine liberally, and drizzle some grapefruit juice. Cover again and leave until salmon changes color indicating cooked, but not overcooked/hard.

Serve on plates with a liberal sprinkling of parsley and dill. Enjoy!