Classes Update

Whoa Nelly. I knew that this term would be b-u-s-y but boy is it living up to expectations!

A sort of mental relief comes with the two online classes, believe it or not. I complete units each weekend and am about one unit ahead of time thus far, for both courses. This makes me feel good and not rushed. Always a plus.

My two writing courses however...one class meets Tuesday evenings and requires a 750-ish word paper turned in by the Monday before class meets. A little tricky, but I've been able to recycle thoughts and posts from my 5 blogs and other materials I've written as "to consider later" into creative, original, and valid assignment submissions. Thank ye gods for my gift of blog post gab, or else, I'd be hard pressed to develop concepts from scratch for each of the assignments each week.

My thesis class is actually a biweekly standing appointment with my advisor--who also happens to be the program Chair. I really admire her perspective and guidance, though her brand of writing and interests (playwriting, plays) are much different than mine (the online world and practical guides).

I think that all around this is going to be an awesome term. I am already learning a lot about writer voice and the elements each of the professors (from different backgrounds) look for in good writing. All good tips and information to keep in mind when writing for a varied audience.