Movie Review: Legion

I got to the movies at last, after a long hiatus. I typically watch movies on TV or on my laptop.

It's great going to the Hollywood Palms in Naperville, because it's a restaurant and a movie dining establishment. The staff is always really, really great, the environment is fun, amusing, and very comfortable. The menu is comprehensive for a variety of tastes, and their adult libations are excellent! Best of all, you get to see new movies.

So I went to see Legion last night, with the significant-other unit. Legion promised some biblical hell on earth, and it sort of delivered. The plot was prematurely out of the bag, but it still somehow worked as a fresh new take on an old story: angels vs. humans and a baby needing saving. The highlights for me were good special effects, an interesting approach at representing heaven, and some very cool (and hot looking) angel guys. The angels wings came in especially handy for these warriors, and it was a new take on an old standby that impressed me.

All around, I came away from the movie entertained, but yet hoping it had been a little more. I feel comfortable in explaining the movie as a cross between The Prophecy and Terminator movies.

I am also hoping I get to see Book of Eli, again, an apocalyptic and biblical sort of movie. It probably has a lot more potential than I am Legend did.

Seen any good movies, of have any movies on your particular to-see list?