Once Upon a Snowy Clearing

Having noticed deer in the area during wamer weather scampers, I wasn't surprised to see their hoofprints all over the community now that the snow's set in - however, their trail's marked *everywhere* I look. The community seems to be their private amusement park as soon as lights go out for the bipeds in the area.

Well, on an impromptu walk with Benny-hana, we just had a winter, white-tailed deer encounter. Two deer where in the middle of the park looking at Benny and I as we approached on our walk. So I made sure I stopped w plenty of space (about 100 yards or so) and took a looksie. Made friendly noises to make them feel more at home (as if they needed prompting?). The graceful pair then proceeded to look away and waltz on away across the road and between two residential buildings in the community.

Alas, no camera at hand and too dark for pix anyway. I was left smiling. Benny has terrible sight and hadn't caught their scent, so he just looked up at me and kept wagging his little white tail.

I just wish Orion, the neighborhood owl, had come flying in for a complete winter landscape scene.

Kind of almost makes up for the 3-4 inches of snow we've got to wade in ^_^ if not the 1 inch ice slab everywhere else.