Pizza e Vino

Friday night. Wine won out over margaritas or hard cider--as neither were available! Homemade pizza vs. fancy, organic, outside-purchased pizza. Had to go buy some bocconcini for the topping.

In regards to entertainment, we are offering Ninth Gate, which is just now, this second, over...but...ah yes, it looks as though a Fish Called Wanda's on! Somebody likes me up there! :oP

The wine is...interesting. I thought it was a pinot grigio but it was actually a pinot gris, by Nobilo, from eastern New Zealand.

The wine is a straw color that's a little darker than the usual pinot grigio. The bouquet is tropical fruit, and the taste is spicy and creamy, and the aftertaste reminds me of room-temperature cantaloupe.

...I think that James May and Oz wine tour show I've been watching has rubbed off! LOL