Melrose Place

I have no idea why, but there's one line from the old version of Melrose Place (yeah from the early 1990s) that's stuck with me all these years, and it goes something like this: men don't pay working girls for their services, they pay them to go away after rendering their services.

It cracks me up because it opened my eyes to a few things in those teenage years of mine. If you don't know it, yes Virginia, Melrose Place (1992) existed way before Blue-ray was even a twinkle in unnecessary tech appliance marketer's eyes.

Most of those times when my mom and I sat together to watch Melrose, we were either comatose with stupor or laughing hysterically at the ridiculousness of what would unfold before our eyes on that little kitchen TV screen. I eventually switched to LiquidTV on MTV and the MAXX and Aeon Flux, rather than waste more brain cells on shows like Melrose.

That famed line I sort of quoted above came from the third or fourth season, when the plot line spinned Sidney into a prostitution ring that was not unlike that of Heidi Fleiss, who at the time was being broadcast daily on the news during her trial.

Sometimes, don't you wish you could pay someone just so they'd go away? ^_^