Movie Review: Genova (2008)

Genova (2008)
I'd seen somewhere information about this movie. I finally got around to downloading it in late January, and got to see it today.

It's a bittersweet movie about a single parent and his two daughters as they deal with loss and come of age many thousands of miles away from home, in Genoa (Genova) Italy. It's also bittersweet because I feel I'm living vicariously through the two daughters, a life I could have lived myself had I stayed in Genova rather than move away all those years ago.

It's a great, simple movie with a lot of heart, a good story, and very nice landscapes and scenery -- of course I'm biased as I love my city. Though I must admit, watching the buildings, roads, and landmarks of the city I was born in, while not being able to go as often as I'd love to, well...it's a little like having toothpicks prick your heart with each scene.

I highly recommend this movie to fans of the Trois Coleurs (Three Colors) series, especially since I feel this more closely resembles Bleu (Blue) but the way I wish that movie had been.

Anyone who is a Colin Firth fan should also give it a whirl. He is very everyday Joe and yet lovely as only a good, unpretentious actor can be. Anyway, do give Genova a try, it might surprise you.