Not too long ago, I used the word neofeminism to label one of my Twitter lists, and shared this info w my followers there.

I was consequently peppered with questions by a very small subset of (mostly male) individuals with whom I coverse online. What is it? How do you mean? Are you a feminist?

You'd think it was a newly diagnosed disease.

What I mean by the use of the word neofeminism, is a happy medium between the mother of eight who drives a minivan and the militant feminist down the street who may also be a misandronist and look down on women who chose to take their husband's names.

Above anything however, I stand up for human rights and access to medical care whenever necessary, no matter what sex, color, or ice-cream flavor you are or prefer.

There's one view/essay on what neofeminism can mean by Celeste Hutchins and Chrsiti Denton that seems to reflect my own views rather closely.