Michael Pollan

It was suggested by one of my professors that I read up on Michael Pollan, and particularly, read his works. I have been hearing of and about him for years now. He is one of the true nutrition proponents, against industrial farming and pro sustainable agriculture. Pro natural ingredients, against packaged foods.

Pollan was a The New York Times writer, and has been publishing and presenting on nutrition the last few years. His website has a great chronological list of his articles (and additional info on his speaking engagements and projects).

I never delved into his materials, mostly, because I've already been on this same page via other avenues. I felt that reading his work would be like he'd be preaching to the choir. However, I am thoroughly enjoying reading articles on and about him, and listening to him via NPR's online archive of stories.

I bought three of his books: In Defense of Food, Omnivore's Dilemma, and Food Rules. Anyone who has ever had trouble with their body size or body weight, and who finally reached the conclusion that paying attention to eating delicious food in moderation is good for you. Everyone should read/listen to Michael Pollan. He is an amazing resource of information and statistics. And it's a pleasure listening to someone talk logically about something that's been ignored for such a long time: what we're putting into our mouths has negative repercussions on our quality of life.

Amen, brother.