Movie Review

I saw two excellent movies over the weekend.

An Education - starring Maggie Gyllenhaal's significant other/bethrothed in a slimy sort of role. Interesting approach at an old theme of old man takes advantage of young girl, relationships, and misrepresentation. Who *is* the bad guy here?

However, in this case, the young girl is quite pragmatic and has excellent taste in music. My kind of girl! It's a Scruples type of question: what would you do? And it answers it as only the young protagonist could, faced with the decisions and situations she found herself in. Reminded me of several similar situations in my early 20s.

I found interesting that although the closing narration would indicate she's doing well after moving on, you can still tell by having to face another trip to Paris that she'll never quite be out of the woods. Imagine visiting Paris after having been with someone else during a major turning point in your life. Hard to keep the past tense out of the present tense, I imagine.

I can't believe how cold as a cadaver Emma Thompson was! Good job! Very unlike her, at least, in my opinion.

Up In the Air - What a great movie. Another relationships, growth, misrepresentation movie but that throws you a couple of curve balls. Really liked it. George Clooney may be growing on me! True how today's casual relationships really do sometimes leave you up in the air.

Although George's character initially seems slimy, one slowly delves into the different layers of his character as the story progresses. he's a lot more complicated than originally seems...and wouldn't you also want to avoid people if all you had to do everyday was fire them on behalf of their bosses? It brings up interesting points about loyalty and relationships today. Great movie.

I just feel bad that whenever I see the actress that played George's younger sister, I only know her as Drew Barrymore's not so bad stepsister in Cinderella. She's quite good in an understated sort of way.