Skip a Puddle, Fall in Another

Ah the joys of walking about aimlessly with man's best friend. Fresh, clean almost-spring-like weather. Deer running away terrorized. Coyote doo full of rabbit hair. Ew. Er...watch your step there.

Actually, I find gallivanting around the local muddy field quite restorative. Never mind the 3-4 inch puddles extending several feet or yards, and the occasional 3" deep mud. Brings out the jump in the puddle kiddie in anyone. It's fun!. Especially if I don't fall down on my rear and Benny has to look at me sideways and roll his eyes.

Seriously though, the hiking boots I bought in mid-December are the most fun shoes I've ever bought. They'll outlast anything I throw at them: branches, thicket, mud, water puddles, muddy water puddles, fungi, rocks, uneven surfaces. They're a total win.

I hope to remember to take my iPhone or camera out with me and capture some of the changing landscape...as soon as the landscape starts changing. Right now there's only a bit of moss and other, occasional green sprouts. And tons of puddles, oh yes.

There's been an influx of song birds though, which makes things a little bit better around here as the weather warms up (or not). I've loved the on-and-off fog over the last few days.

I can imagine this is the time of year when couples start emerging from dorm rooms and blankets to go for walks (or more?) at NIU's East Lagoon up in loverley DeKalb, Illinois.

Back in my college heyday, it was a little comic and bittersweet seeing all these couples walking around the lagoon, sitting and reading or enjoying the sun...holding hands...it always looked a bit to me as if they were heading into Noah's arc.

Of course, mostly I was a tinge bitter at not being able to partake myself. But I knew there'd be time enough for that later. Though it's little things like this, that I miss about NIU and that caused so much sarcastic laughter for my friends and I back then. Ah spring! :o)