Top US Cities for Families

I'm not into the whole families/church thing, but the general benefits of these lists help the population at large both in providing a stable and pleasant atmosphere to live in and for lessons learned that other cities can adopt.

How Stuff Works posted a list of the best places families can live in the US. Some of the surprises for me, on this list, were:
  • Minneapolis, MN - I didn't know it was so highly rated, I really must visit sometime. That whole region of the US gets way too harsh a rep because of their winters.
  • San Francisco, CA - with a history (I was going to write hysteria) of overly expensive real estate, I would have thought this wouldn't be that good a place...then again, high-income families make for well-funded school districts--and great dining and shopping areas!
  • Albuquerque, NM - I really need to visit New Mexico, I shouldn't have been surprised this city made the list. It's such a cultural melting pot of exciting events, wonderful artists, and delicious cuisine.
  • Fishers, IN - hardly does an "up and coming" bedroom community, a good community make. The term indicates money and other daytime activities are being spent/taking place elsewhere. Not sure about this place.
Do you think your city should have been included? What makes a good place for families?