Easter Eggs

Easter popped up, out of nowhere, seemingly. There's too many commas in that sentence.

But nonetheless, it's true. I got caught by surprise at how fast March went by. It must be all due to the weird schedule I've maintained in the last two weeks...

Photo: Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago IL

So what is Easter, besides a Hallmark and religious holiday? Well, it's kind of the official kickoff for Spring. Where things should spring forth fresh and new. Great time for new starts, and to plan new projects. The weather will hopefully have calmed down a little and warmed up a little.

I'm personally not a religious person, and haven't been for quite a while, but I appreciate the hope and joy that emanates from the celebrations around this time of year. I take the positives and leave the negatives.

Because they've begun a two-year rennovation of a main road downtown Chicago, starting today, I'm not sure whether I'll be able to visit mom in the hospital this evening. I'll be checking traffic and making a decision when I leave, which is 3:30 pm (skipping lunch to leave one hour early is kinda tough actually).

If I don't get to mom today, hopefully she's getting released tomorrow (Fri Apr 2) and I can visit w her all day Saturday. I'm going to try to do some grocery shopping today or tomorrow, since we ran out of a couple of pantry favorites.

I want to go to a Greek restaurant on Saturday, because, even if I don't eat lamb anymore, I'd like to try some of their fish for Easter Sunday. I recently turned from vegetarian with exceptions on very special occasions to often-times pescatarian. It's boosted some weight loss due to the diminished reliance on carbs, and helped with energy levels and hair/skin/nails health. Good ole omega 3s :)

Here's to fresh starts y'all. May Spring bring you joy, sunshine, and whatever you like best.