I's Gettin' Chubby

There's always a time in Spring when I suddenly realize that I'm not as thin as I previously thought. It's an alarming state. I start cold sweating, I fidget, I wonder what to do. Then I do what I do best, I look stuff up online. ^_^

I finally found a decent article for newbies on hiking--which surprisingly is by DiabeticLifestyle.com! Reading simple intros like this puts me at ease when I'm starting something new. I've been trying to get into hiking serously since I went meandering last summer looking for our lost Benny. It gave me an amazing opportunity to learn the ins and outs of our local woods and wild fields.

So the article mentions some great resources:
So I already have a plan to lengthen my daily, after-work walk with Benny, to additional areas near our home.  I just gotta do it when I'm at the fork in the road, is all!

This weekend I plan on trying to hike (w Benny and perhaps the significant other unit) on the Illinois Prairie Path's Aurora Branch, or at least part of it. I need to explore and get some endorphines going. It's exciting and scary all at once! whooo ^_^

Let's see how far I get on the implementation part ;o)