Musings from the Dark Side

I think one of the most dangerous trains of thought to be in, is when a particular experience, event, person, or situation rolls around repeatedly in your mind. In my case, a particular time of my life. Be it a good experience or a bad one, mind you.

It's opportune to let things go when you turn your back and start walking. When they melt away, much like the snow in early spring. When they swoosh on by like the anger management case that just flipped the finger on his way to a massively urgent appointment.

Remembering that hollywood style clean cuts and clean getaways are not part of real life. Real life is tons more interesting and complex. Life can be paradoxical. And you know what? That's fine too.

It's good to see the right now and today with fresh eyes, but to keep the lessons of yesteryear in one's heart. They're invaluable parts of our "this is me, who I am" toolkits. ;)