Runnin' Away

This is the first weekend I have had a break in homework, papers, worries, etc. in five months! It's really unproductive-feeling to have...er...spare time. Go figure...

Though, mind you, I still have two assignments left before I can officially graduate...I'm still waiting on some folks who are due to send me info early this week so I can finish my assignments.

My graduation request has been put in at NLU, and gods willing, I should have my MS (written communications) and graduate certificate (organizational psychology) diplomas in the mail, shortly after August 31. Yey!

So, with spare time looming large and just around the corner, I am already mulling my next learning project. Either continue pursuing web programming at College of DuPage (meh, not so sure), and/or maybe learning Portuguese somewhere...

But this weekend is full of amazing landmarks to fill me with happy smiles. I'm reticent to call it the best kickoff to a weekend ever, but getting my car back from the body shop after a 3.5 weeks is definitely at the top of my list. The repairs from the rear-end accident on April 23 certainly cost a bit emotionally (I'm still rattled when people tailgate or stop too close to my rear). Today I went on ebay and purchased a sticker for the lift-gate that says "back off!" so hopefully this can get some peace of mind? At least a chuckle. I really, really missed my car, it's my favorite toy ever. It's such a fluid car, driving is an absolute pleasure, in every way.

But that's not all! I also went ahead and upgraded my iPhone 3G to 3GS Friday. It took about 10 minutes and the guy who helped me at the Apple store in downtown Naperville rocked the process for me. Awesomeness. Now I just need to patiently wait for the release of iPhone OS 4 hehehe

Yesterday I spent most of the morning with mom, taking her to her doctor and then kidnapping her to a local breakfast joint I discovered recently. She had a great time and I even got her some shopping in before she got tired and was time to get her home. We didn't even argue! :P

Then on to take Benny for his monthly grooming, and the significant other unit's massage and facial (!). All I want to know is, when is my turn!?

Today was a spectacularly sunny and just all-around gorgeous day. I kidnapped the significant-other unit at lunchtime and headed for the arboretum. We'll take these sporadic, heavenly days and make lemonade--yes we will! Got to enjoy delish shrimp tacos and a choco brownie with an amazing view at the arboretum. Check out some photos of Steve Tobin roots sculptures on my flickr account--I had been meaning to see these since my birthday when he was onsite to inaugurate the installation. They're amazing, like the side of the iceberg you don't see (the roots) and they blend very well with the trees and landscaping at the arboretum. Really enjoyed it today.

But not one to get tired after walking and driving 2 hours around the arboretum, I took a stab at building a wardrobe we bought today. I had been urging the significant-other unit for about 5 years to buy one hehe Thanks Target! So as I was heading downstairs with the significant other unit to exercise (boy, five months of no treadmill sure pile up good) and realized that he was conveniently neglecting to attack the wardrobe project. So I took it on while he started with his jump rope stretches and treadmill. After about 20 minutes of effort I now no longer have to think about it! It's done! Yey! I then proceeded to do 30 minutes of treadmill while watching Firewalker (1986) on the laptop, but the darned VAIO battery doesn't even last 33 minutes apparently. Crap battery! And crap hips, now I'm in pain, and lots of it. Dang exercise.

This reminds me, I downloaded a bunch of movies over the past couple of months that I was unable to view due to my assignments and class schedules. Now that I am again able to enjoy some spare time, I'm planning on seeing some of them. Though setting aside that much time to just sit and watch a movie seems like a waste of time to me. This transition into having spare time again is scary and nice all rolled up into one. I love going to the local movie and dinner joint tho. ^_^

But I don't want to dwell on spare time. I need to keep busy and productive, in order to fend off the shadows and cobwebs that lurk in my mind. So I'm really looking forward to finishing my two assignments and saying good riddance! Then starting something new.

Ain't it funny? The coping we need to do when a tight, busy schedule finally relaxes post-project and you get to decide how to spend your time again? Spare time? What on earth do you do with that? :)