Moon in Capricorn

I dabble in astrology and tarot, and those type of metaphysical things. They're fun and offer an out-of-the box perspective to add to other sources of information and entertainment.

So all the way up to this week, all this year, I've been reading in various sources about this amazing strange cross of planets tomorrow, that's supposed to cause all sorts of dramatic change and revelations, particularly for the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). I'm an Aries, my BFF is Libra, my mom is a Cancer, and I have a moon in Capricorn... *gulp*

Just as an aside, this article on tarot.com helps you figure out what's news with your moon, if you know what your moon sign is. I seriously couldn't agree more with the description they posted for a Moon in Capricorn:

"Your highly pragmatic Moon finds satisfaction through being productive and competent and by achieving your ambitious goals. You need to feel respected by others and are willing to earn this respect through hard work. Being organized and surrounded by the highest quality material objects gives you a sense of security. In relationships, you seek long-lasting quality, and are willing to wait for the best. You may need to let go of control and show vulnerability."

Let's hope for lessons and change and not too much anguish!