Updates, Summertime, Pains in the Neck

Beware, this is a boring, me me me post. So if you get distracted easily, go for it and leave this here post before it's too late!

I'm restless. Vacation is but 17 hours away, and I have a slowing slope of work ahead of me today.  Though I had two, back-to-back conference calls this morning. I also did a good job updating my company's Twitter account with a number of somewhat re-tweetable and interesting items. Check that off the to-do list, then.

I'm going on vacation to hopefully snap into a nicer version of me again. Though as with everything, it might just be temporary and I'll revert back to a troll upon my return. *sigh*

I am going to go see the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, NM, and if I'm lucky, the UFO festival in Roswell, NM over 4th of July weekend. These two events have me high and happy...imagine when I actually get there! I love and admire O'Keeffe and her work. She spent her summers away from her husband painting the things she found in the desert. At those times, that was an admirable and courageous thing to do. Her art speaks volumes of the good that decision did to her inner spark and creativity.

My thesis is in my adviser's very capable and patient hands. I had to resend her my thesis review form today. It's now just a combination of little details, and a short slope leading up to completion. I hope.

The weekend was a celebration of summer. Although we experienced some really harsh thunderstorms in the middle of the night the last few days, the daytime was great. I usually drag the significant-other to events, but it's actually a combination of his own lack of interest in things and my knowledge of things to do that result in our outings. Saturday, he said "let's get the Taste of Chicago out of the way!" and so our day was christened and planned in a heartbeat. I always like going to the Taste as close to when it opens as possible, because the crowds are more manageable and the place looks a little less disheveled. We capped off Saturday night going to Swedish Days in Geneva IL, something I'd not been to. We went to a favorite Mexican restaurant's patio and got to enjoy great food and live ska music. It was just super fun, besides the couple of drunks walking by us making odd comments. Hehe.

Did I mention vacation is but 17 hours away? ^_^;

This weekend I also happened to do something weird to my neck, because I woke up with the worst neck ache in some time on Saturday. It actually got so bad, that I arranged for an emergency therapeutic massage appointment at my usual place for Saturday afternoon. The interestingness of spontaneous events always makes me happy. In this case, my therapist was blind, and a guy! I've never had a massage by a guy therapist, but he was just lovely and really worked hard to unkink my neck and left shoulder. I felt the clavicle finally relax and the neck pain almost go away completely. Unfortunately, I woke up today very dizzy, and I'm debating whether it's a cervical vertigo or just water that got in my ears during a shower or something else. My coworker kinldy shared with me the contact info for her chiropractor, which I think I should visit. I can't imagine it'll be good to fly while having ear and neck problems :S

I've also caught up on a few movies I've been meaning to see. I watched Gothic (1986) which was a surreal and somewhat bad trip of a movie, and Ice Age 1 which I loved. I've set out for myself the task of watching all Toy Story and Ice Age movies because I hear all my friends with kids talk about these movies and I have no idea what they're on about. Also, I'm watching these because I usually end up loving them. It's good to spoil the inner child sometimes! hehe

So besides being a cranky, unbearable person, I'm trying to do things that keep me on the straight and narrow--such as working on my thesis and being polite to strangers and children. That and going on vacation. What are your plans this summer?