Lightening Up the Load

One of the easiest ways I know how to detox or to purge out unnecessary things in life, is to weed through one's possessions and donate them to the local Goodwill or Salvation Army drop off point.

Today, I did such a thing, as I often tend to do when I need to think or need to exorcise some very strong emotions.

I finally cleaned the cabinets out under my bathroom sink of shampoo and other products I have been hoarding. So now all that stuff's in the hands of someone who can really get some value out of it.

I also emptied my closet of two very large garbage bags worth of clothes. These are perfectly good clothes that I just either don't fit into anymore, or that I've been saving to reminisce about the good ole days...whatever those might be. I want to create new memories so I am in no need of reminiscing about any good or not so good times of yore.

Ever feel like detoxing? It's an easy cathartic experience that, not only helps you pick up anchor and drop sail more easily, but also ends up benefiting others. Tai chi for the soul? Maybe. I certainly don't mind if doing things like these accidentally up my good karma points with the spirit in the sky. ;)