My 1st Dramatic Scene

No, not in real life. A written assignment featuring a dramatic scene. It actually turned out to be more like a short story of sorts. I wonder if my professor and classmates will like it?

It's about 4 pages long, but I kinda like it, even with the couple of typos I accidentally left in in my hurry to finish it up and print it out.

The scene span off in my brain after reading Studs Terkel's Hard Times. Within are innumerable stories of people recalling the Great Depression. One of the stories I read and that I liked was Hard Travelin' about a young man, Ed Paulsen, who left South Dakota via rail, hitchhiking on boxcars, to places such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. I wondered what would make a man leave a farm where his sister and her husband live in, where he has a roof and a job. I wonder what would send someone so far away. It reminded me of Clarice Sterling from the Silence of the Lambs--who runs away because of the farm's spring lambs slaughter tugging at her heartstrings.

I uploaded my so-called dramatic scene to Google Documents, and here's the link in case you're interested in what my twisted mind passes off as a dramatic scene.

I can't wait to hear what it's really like after my classmates and professor all take turns reading parts of it out loud. It's the best fire test I know. I also like hearing what my professor thinks, since she's a playwright and she really knows her business.