Naperville Riverwalk Flood

naperville riverwalk flood stage
naperville riverwalk flood stage,
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Beware, this is a rant post. I am not a happy camper.

Due to the excessive rain showers of late, the downtown Naperville Riverwalk is under several feet of water. This includes the extensive reconstruction project at the riverwalk's famed amphitheater which is directly across the river from the Naperville municipal building

This photo is a view snap taken yesterday afternoon from the Eagle Street bridge between the amphitheater/riverwalk (on left) and the Naperville municipal building (on right).

I have been suffering this summer as construction of the amphitheater (which started earlier this spring) has dug up the riveralk and amphitheater extensively, prohibiting pedestrian traffic. It is one of our favorite places to take Benny to get socialized, while enjoying a sandwich from the local deli or Potbelly.

The river's rather abrupt and alarming "storm rise" has resulted in rather fast rapids that, undoubtedly, caused serious damage and property loss to the construction project and equipment.

Although originally estimated for completion in August of this year, I am now certain the reconstruction will go well into fall and perhaps winter, if not carry over into next year.