Red Mango Treats

One of my coworkers recently told me about a new red mango store they opened in the general vicinity of our office. She also told me about these great froyo parfaits they now offer up, one of which features their new key lime pie flavor of froyo. I hadn't been to Red Mango for a couple of months so I decided I needed to make a visit soon.

Yesterday, needing a late afternoon pick-me-up, I decided to drag the significant-other unit and Benny to Naperville to enjoy said treat. Regrettably, we were unable to enjoy the riverwalk due to excessive flooding of the area, which rendered the riverwalk unsafe for pedestrians. However, we did get to enjoy some Red Mango treats.

I ordered their key lime pie parfait, which is layers of their key lime pie froyo, blueberries, pineapple, and kiwi, topped with a swirl of froyo and an overly healthy scoop of both crushed graham crackers and granola. It did really taste like a lemony fruit pie. This is one HUGE parfait, however, and now am perfectly clear as to why they suggest you have it as your lunch.

I must say, I've tried a number of froyo products since the 1980s, in two countries. The only froyo treats I actively enjoy are Red Mango--I can't stand the taste of yogen fruz at my local shopping center.

And by the way...no I am not sponsored/paid/etc. by them, this is my honest opinion. And you're welcome to make your own opinion and find a froyo that you like best ;)

Happy treats.