Anti-Inflammatory Diet

A lot of the processing and additives in our food today allow our bodies to be in a constant fight or flight condition, endangering our immune system--get colds often? Allergies? Fatigue? Just feel bloated? We're--and our bodies--are basically always running on a high alert.

Enter the anti-inflammatory diet. You may have heard that wild salmon, blueberries, and green tea are the shizzle for your well-being and long-term health. Well, ever wondered what other beneficial foods and diets are out there? I've been and am totally behind the Mediterranean diet, as I'm from there. But I also have been reading up about the Primal Blueprint (unhealthy protein alert) courtesy of a friend I met on Twitter, and also the Sonoma Diet (grape and wine alert). There's millions of diets out there for low-carb, high-protein eaters too.

One thing that I'm always very, very interested in, is reducing the fight or flight and high alert modes I may inadvertently put my body in. I happened to forget most of what I read from Michael Pollan's and Dr. Weil's books so I've picked them up again. Another great source of info on anti-inflammatory and long-term well being is Dr. Weil's website. I recently became reacquainted with his anti-inflammatory diet info. Excellet stuff.

I am not one to follow in the exact footsteps of another, but I certainly don't mind reading up and picking and choosing what I know will work for me.

Happy and healthy eating!