Citrus Rind Dipped in Chocolate

A few months back to now I've had the munchies for some good citrus peel dipped in chocolate. Why? Beats me.

Mind you, for ages I used to HATE even the mention of rind anything dipped in chocolate. For some reason that's changed. It's one of the flavor changes I've noticed through the ages/eras in my life.

So several months ago, this all started when I went to a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory near the place I get massages in South Naperville. Rocky Mountain's chocolate was darker, and a little bitter. There was a good contrast between the sugary rind (good mouth-feel) and the dark chocolate. It definitely set me on the right path to begin my quest.

More recently, I went to Le Chocolat (du Bouchard) on Washington Street in downtown Naperville, because I've yet to try something there that I don't like. Their candied rind in chocolate was superb. The flavors, the mouth-feel, everything was perfect. Perhaps a little too perfect, as I ran out of within a weekend's passing.

Today, I dropped by a Fanny May store, unprepared and not knowing what to look for. They did have  citrus rind, but this time enveloped in semi-sweet chocolate. The mouth feel of the citrus is a little too soft and jelly-like, perhaps overstewed in industrial-sized batches. The chocolate is fine, free of bitterness or cloying sweetness.

I would love to try out some other places, though. Why quit when you're on to something good, eh? I could eventually expand outside the "convenient" places I run into in the Western Suburbs and take this little exploration experiment into the city of Chicago on my visits.

I remember on one of my trips to Italy between 2001 and 2008, my grandmother took me to a renown Genoese chocolatier in the old port, which makes the most expensive chocolates in all of the city. They particularly specialize in candied fruits, which just so happen to be a key ingredient in the Genoese panettone which is unequaled around the holidays. My grandmother had taken me here to experience what it was like to purchase fine chocolates, and so that I could take these to my other grandmother (paternal) on my visit later that afternoon...either that or it was a gift to my grandmother's sister because she was visiting my grandmother that afternoon. I forget which. Anyway, it took me considerable research, but I eventually found the name of the shop on Google Maps of all places. It's Romanengo.

It's funny what a chase a little seed of an idea can take you on, isn't it?