Failed Project

I started again with Clive Barker's Books of Blood and barely managed to finish the story I had begun months before...Sex, Death, and Starshine. I knew where this story came from when I picked it up, and enjoyed how it concluded. But it's laborious work for me, for some reason, to read this book.

I expected the captivation of the Hellraiser movies and that's not what Barker's written works are about. He lays the storyline in a much different way, a superficiality to the occult that isn't captivating...at least it isn't for me.

I've decided to look up just the story Hellraiser is based on and call it a day. The story the Midnight Meat Train movie was based on was ok, the movie better.

Perhaps what I'm noticing is a disconnect of visual cue quality between the written work and the visually rich films based on his works.

All I really wanted was to become engrossed in a book, much like I did with Stephen King's Duma Key. Dang it!