A Lesson Learned...is a Penny Earned?

I picked up, who knows for what reason, Hugh Hefner's Little Black Book (2004), an autobiographical hardcover that's just 183 pages long but features lovely section dividers, pull quotes, and photos that expand on the the book's actual content.

Hef's Little Black BookI probably picked it up because I think he's mellowed out a lot, at least privately, and I've always been interested in his success story. He's a self-made man. That's to be admired, notwithstanding his infamous lifestyle choices.

The book features a sort of chronological history of his rise, interspersed with the sex guru's quips and life/opposite sex advice.

It's actually very informational in regards to what values drive him as a person, how, although he's a magazine magnate and innovator, the ease with which he falls under the spell of infatuation almost makes him into two, very different people.

There isn't any pornography or salaciousness, at least none I could discern thus far in my reading. It's a rather honest narrative--if the prose can become momentarily ornate at times--much like all his televised interviews seem.

Others may think differently depending on their level of appropriateness, etc. Perhaps I was just reading it with a keen eye for his history and business acumen tips, rather than an eye for the "juicy" details of his infamous lifestyle.

This is an easy, captivating and fun read. There are two main life lessons I got out of reading thus far, which are good for anyone to meditate on:
  • it's better to remain friends, no matter what -- there must still be qualities there that make a friendship possible. I have had the biggest trouble with this. Chuck it up with either fight or flee, or just antisocial tendencies. Perhaps a mix of all of these. I've always had a hard time with compromise.
  • be open and honest in your relationships, jealousies come out of the hypocrisy and lies of deception. Deception to protect from harm or deception for self interest are both very dangerous waters to tread. I've had the unfortunate position of being in the receiving side of both these sorts of deceit, and it's not been a ride I'd like to take again.
Unusual reading project, this one. Yet it's been productive all around. It's definitely an easy and comfortable read, which is exactly what I was looking for.