Of Coffees

On Saturday night we went to the Wal-Mart Supercenter in a nearby town to look for some items for our niece. As we went through the food section I decided to take a closer look at the coffee isle. I noticed Sam's Choice organic decaf ground coffee and thought it might be interesting to try it at home, versus buying Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts coffee in their drive thrus. Saves some moola and time without having to divert one's route to one of these stores for a java jolt.

The first time I brewed the coffee what I did was use the Bodum french press I have, and which I was using for loose leaf tea brewing--with not too good results I may add. What I did for the coffee was place 12 oz of hot water on top of four tablespoons of grounds, leave it a minute then push the plunger down. Then I made a mistake...I forgot about it. The next morning I saw the coffee, put it in my commuter cup, and headed off to work. It tasted green and oily, and I surely didn't like it. Even after squeezing a little agave syrup, to help soften the greeness, it didn't really fly.

Last night I amended my ways. I used the same process, but I stirred as soon as I poured the hot water in. Left the coffee and water soaking for about five minutes, then I plunged and poured the coffee out into a commuter cup, which I proceeded to place in the refrigerator. Today it was far less green and oily. But still not exactly what I was looking for in a cup o' joe. I think this isn't what I was looking for, but it doesn't taste as acrid as Starbucks or Caribou. Caribou, by the way, has the official, hands down, worse cup of iced coffee I've ever tasted.

I think I'll just proceed to finish this bag and try an Italian product next time, since I am biased and have a preconception that those are smoother than American blends hehe. At the rate I'm going with the Sam's coffee, four tablespoons a day, I estimate I'll complete the bag (which by the way I store in the freezer) by two to three weeks from now. I could also add the coffee to some sort of dessert recipe, so I'll keep an eye out for that.

At least I can always count on my Dundee orange marmalade on low carb bread ;) that's always a breakfast treat!