Crushed strawberry and lemon ice pops
(with demerara sugar)
I bought an ice-pop mold at Walmart Supercenter on Saturday. My first experiment is crushed strawberries with 3/4 juiced lemon, and demerara sugar. Though I was VERY strongly tempted to make orange juice pops like my mom and grandmama used to make when I was a baby.

The pops were way tart, much in the style of italian strawberry and lemon juice desserts tend to be. That's how I am used to having strawberries since I'd been a kid. Alas the significant-other unit forced one down and part of the second but couldn't take any more. His tolerance for sour foods is not as high as mine hehe

Nilla Banana n Banana Puddin cups
banana puddin ice pops
I was mulling over whether the next pops I made would be banana pudding pops. I still had some Nilla wafers and a box of banana pudding mix, plus we bought a really large bunch of bananas on our visit to Walmart. I decided to finish up my uninterrupted streak of Nilla banana pudding making and used some of the leftover pudding for ice pops with banana slices.

I'm sure the result will be tastier if not better looking once it sets in the fridge for a couple of hours.