Summer Cleanup

After 4-5 weeks drinking iced coffee on what I'd like to call an almost daily frequency, I've decided to rethink my diet. What actually happened was that I gained weight in my bottom half to the extent where my bottoms weren't fitting that well anymore...or not at all. I began having breakfast and added coffee once or twice a day to my diet, skipping coffee on some days.

This threw me for a loop apparently, so I decided to revisit what I was eating. This is what law I lay down for myself this week:

  • get a regular meal schedule and stick to it: 3 home made (preferred but sometimes...) meals a day plus healthy snacks and plenty of fluids
  • fresh, raw fruits and vegetables: this week I'm overdosing on tomatoes and cheese, cherries, peaches, apples, and plums
  • Say no to salt and packaging
  • Mix up things so you don't get bored
  • Enjoy a variety of herbal and natural beverages: de-stress tea, green tea, coconut water/juice, hibiscus tea, etc.
The point is to go back to fresh, non-manufactured, and non-influencing substances. So today's little stint at the local natural market produced the following items, which I've added to the stash of farmer's market goodies I'm devouring each day:
  • two cans of Alaskan pink salmon -I added up the servings and salt per serving and picked the can that had the lowest total sodium level.
  • Amy and Brian coconut juice - spectacular electrolyte drink for summer that does what coffee can't even start to think it can. This and O.N.E. coconut water are my 2 fave coco products.
  • Traditional Medicinals organic Easy Now tea - nice herbal concoction to chill and destress - and loosen up them tight neck muscles, oy!
  • Yogi tea, green tea decaf - perfection itself.
  • Pero isntant natural beverage - this is a barley and chicory, non-cafeinated powdered drink from Switzerland. Warm and with a light touch of agave syrup it tastes like a warm blanket. Perfect breakfast replacement for tea or coffee, or great as an alternative to spice things up.
  • Natural, unblanched almonds - great on their own or to make almond milk.
Let's see how long I keep this up! At least I'm starting to feel a wee bit better. Last night's late class and just the general stress from unruly members/speakers/authors at work are piling on me lately to some very harsh results.